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your fertility partner

injection resources

Many couples going through treatment are unable to complete their cycle because they do not administer their fertility medications correctly. We are here to help. If you have any questions about medication administration, please call or stop in. As an additional resource, ReUnite Rx has created step-by-step instructions:


Our team will guide you through the fertility medication process and be there to answer any questions or address concerns you or your partner may have. Stop in the pharmacy anytime or give us a call. We'll never route you to a 1-800 number.

insurance verification

We will handle any prior authorizations needed from your doctor(s) and any insurance plan verification required to get started on taking fertility medications. Don't stress, we are here for you!

vitamins and supplements

Feel your best and help your body during this journey by taking prenatal vitamins and Vitamin D. We are proud to carry a complete selection of vitamins, ask us which ones are right for you.

we are here to help you through your fertility journey

— every step of the way —

are you ready to

start your journey

trusted resources

Pharmacy Express is committed to providing you with information from trusted resources. There’s a lot to learn when facing infertility and challenges in building your family, and we are  here for you.

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