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going beyond prescriptions

patient consultation

Patient consultations can help you understand the medications you are taking, which can assist you in staying on schedule. We will work with you so you know how, when, and why you should take your medicine. We will also work to simplify your regimen, decrease any side effects, check for drug interactions, and look for less expensive options if possible.

heart health management

Our heart works hard for us, beating nearly 100,000 times per day. Your pharmacy team should work equally as hard for you, so you never miss a beat. Our Pharmacy Express team is dedicated to not only providing you with the cardiac medications you need, but also the tools and education to better manage your heart health. Whether it's a question about side effects, concerns about missing a dose, or want to check your blood pressure or cholesterol, we are here for you.

diabetes management

Managing your diabetes can be overwhelming, but we can help! While you adjust your lifestyle, we can lend a hand on your regimen. Our trusted team takes the time to answer your questions, thoroughly explain your new regimen and supplies needed, and provides you solutions to better manage your condition. 

vitamins and supplements

Living our healthiest life can feel challenging. Even when we eat right, exercise, and take our meds as prescribed, we sometimes miss out on essential nutrients. Some of those needed prescriptions may actually be stripping your system of those vitamins, and they can leave you feeling lousy, too. That’s why we are proud to carry high-quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements. Adding vitamins to your daily routine could play a key role in improving your overall health. Ask us about which are best for your daily routine!

med synchronization

Medication synchronization allows you to take control of your medications AND your schedule. We coordinate your prescription refills and ensure they are all ready for pick-up at the same time each month. Benefits include no more stress about refills or last-minute trips to the pharmacy. You choose the day that works best for you, and we will have them ready!


We carry a complete selection of over-the-counter medications, vitamins and more to keep you and your family healthy. Try products from Elta Swiss Skin Moisturizer to heal your dry, irritated skin. It's recommended by our owner and pharmacist Bruce Goldberg, R.Ph!

we are here to help you on your health and wellness journey

From prescriptions and supplements to fertility care and consultations, our family is ready to serve yours!

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